Please only page midwives if you are currently in care with us.

To page your midwife call:


Once you have paged your midwife, please stay off the phone so you we can reach you. We would never ignore your page. If you have not heard back from your midwife in 10 minutes, please continue to page every 10 minutes until you hear back.


  • You are worried, concerned, or need advice from your midwife.
  • Your are bleeding as much as a period or if blood is running down your leg.
  • Your water breaks

When to Page Your Midwife

If you are not a client, please contact your own doctor/midwife or go to the hospital if you do not know how to page them directly.

If you are a client, please check which category you are in and click the corresponding tab below:

1) non-urgent — 2) urgent — 3) in labour