Recovering from Birth

Recovering From Birth


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A Note for Postpartum Visitors from the Midwives


The first few precious days at home with a newborn are busy ones for the new parents. We provide these few “do’s” and “don’ts” to help guide visitors through this special recovery time. Although we present them with a smile… please take them seriously!


DO Call before you come and plan a visit at a convenient time for the parents. Respect the parents if they tell you it is not a great time for a visit. Evenings may be the worst time.

DO Keep your visit SHORT. 15-20 minutes is good.

DO Wash your hands before offering to hold the baby.

DO Praise the new parents about their growing parenting skills.

DO Offer to look after older children.

DO Bring food! Suppers and healthy snack foods come in handy. Ask the parents for some of their favourites if you are not sure what to bring.

DO Offer an opinion if the parents ask for it.

DO Offer to wash dishes, take home a load of laundry, run the vacuum or clean something… anything.

DO Respect the parents’ need to do things their own way in their own time.

DO Listen to the story of the baby’s birth!


DON’T Expect the mother to leave the room to nurse the baby.

DON’T Bring the whole family and settle in for the whole afternoon.

DON’T Accept an offer for tea or food unless you make it yourself and clean up afterwards.

DON’T Visit if you are feeling even a tiny bit sick.

DON’T Say anything negative about the baby’s name.

DON’T Smoke.

DON’T Give advice when the parents have not directly asked for it.

DON’T Insist on holding the baby… wait for an offer.