COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Information from the Midwives to Current Clients

To our clients,

As your midwives, we are focused on providing you the best care we can through this pandemic of COVID-19. You are all adjusting your lives and work and so are we. We know this is hard for everyone, especially while you are pregnant or parenting your new baby!

Our amazing admin staff are safely working (mostly) from home, but they are still taking care of our phone calls and emails to make sure our clinic runs smoothly.

As midwives, we are staying up to date and following all recommendations from Public Health, the Ministry of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Heather, the Association of Ontario Midwives, College of Midwives and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


All health care providers have been ordered to stop doing non-essential in person visits.

Like doctors, we are adjusting when we do visits and are offering ​virtual visits (phone/video) where we can. This will be an adjustment for us. We love doing long in person visits and the relationships these build with our clients.

Right now, as we fight this pandemic together, these long in person visits are just not safe.

  • ● In person visits will be VERY SHORT to listen to your baby and check your blood pressure. Our virtual visits will give us the relaxed talking time that we love.
  • ● Please come to office visits alone. At home visits, other people in the house should stay at least 6 feet away at all times. Please notify us if anyone in your home is sick or in isolation.NEW VIRTUAL VISITS

    Your booked visits are going to be rescheduled into virtual visits to meet our new schedule. These may be by phone or over the internet.

    This week we are trying ​​ which is a medical video call website. You will get an email or text with a link that will take you directly to our virtual waiting room if your midwife offers this option. Otherwise, you will get a call at your appointment time. We are exploring other options and we will let you know if we start using a different virtual visit program.

When will visits happen?

Our new schedule is based on recommendations from the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) and the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM).

  • ● We will do in person visits for urgent concerns at any time in pregnancy
  • ● We may decide together to do extra virtual visits as needed
  • ● We are available by pager at any time you have an urgent concernPREGNANCY VISITS:

    FIRST VISIT: virtual visit
    15-16 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    20 weeks: virtual visit
    26 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    30 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    34 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    36 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    38 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    40 weeks: virtual visit and in person
    41 weeks: in person/plan for birth


    weight checks and checks for jaundice will be done as needed 24-48 hours: in person, baby tests will be done
    Day 3-4: virtual visit
    Day 5: in person

    Day 7-10: virtual visit
    2-3 weeks: in person baby exam 4 weeks: virtual visit if needed 6 weeks: virtual visit discharge


  • ● Please only use the pager for urgent concerns​, even if you have your midwife’s cell phone number.
  • ● Non-urgent messages can be left on the office phone​, these are checked often and sent to midwives. Texting your midwife is not a good way to reach us.We are doing our very best to keep everyone in our community healthy. Thanks for doing your part by staying home!

    Sincerely, The Midwives of Family Midwifery Care

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Please note that throughout birth, when healthcare providers are in the room, that you will be asked to wear a mask at both home and hospital. Please discuss with your midwives if you have concerns or questions.