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Welcome to Family Midwifery Care of Guelph!

We are a group of Registered Midwives serving Guelph and the surrounding communities. Midwives are specialists in the care of mothers and babies through pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks after birth. We view pregnancy and birth as normal healthy events.

Midwifery care is government-funded

Midwifery care is fully government-funded, and there is no cost for Ontario residents. Midwives are part of your Ontario health care team, and we work closely with doctors, nurses, lactation consultants and other health professionals when needed.

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Please explore our website or call our clinic to learn more about midwifery care for your pregnancy.

Postpartum Care

Amazing at home postpartum care (care after your baby is born). Midwives see you at home for the visits in the first week after the birth. We come to you because we know that life with a new baby can be busy.


Informed Choice

Clients in our care are the primary decision makers about their pregnancies, births, and parenting. Our role is to offer information, support and recommendations to help clients make the decisions that are right for them.

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Continuity of Care

We work in small teams of 2 or 3 to provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to get to know you and build a relationship of trust through your pregnancy. There are many benefits to having a care provider you know at your birth. Our relationships with our clients are a big part of what we love about our work.

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Choice of Birthplace

Midwives catch babies in homes and hospitals. Clients with healthy, low risk pregnancies have the option of home birth. We have privileges at Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus and Guelph General Hospital for those who choose hospital birth. We have attended hundreds of beautiful births both at home and in the hospital and are very comfortable in both settings.

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What is a registered midwife?

A registered midwife in Ontario is a midwife who meets all the standards of the College of Midwives of Ontario.  In Ontario, the Midwifery Education Program is a specialized four year university degree (offered at Ryerson, McMaster and Laurentian universities).  Ongoing recertification and training continues to ensure that midwives have all the skills they need for providing great care.  Many midwives in Ontario have been trained in other countries, and often have many years of experience.  These midwives have completed Canadian examinations and have proven to the College of Midwives that they meet Ontario’s registration standards.

What are the advantages of midwifery care?

Midwifery clients are encouraged to make informed choices about their care, with longer appointments to discuss their care and questions. Often, clients feel a greater relationship of trust with their midwives and value having someone they know at their birth. Midwives tend to give more individualized care.  The at home early postpartum care is also something that women tend to appreciate.

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  • Where to even begin that would properly express our gratitude to everyone at Family Midwifery Care of Guelph?! We have been blessed with three children, all born under the care of the midwives' at FMC of Guelph. While expecting our first, we had so many questions and concerns and the midwives completely put our minds at ease by answering our questions with full answers, instilling us with information that allowed us to feel informed and in charge at our daughter's birth. While expecting our second, it was discovered that she had a kidney condition. While we were worried and scared, our amazing midwives were constantly present and supportive, every step of the way. Even when we needed to transfer care, and put aside our dream of a homebirth and instead deliver at Mac, they were still so supportive and present. We finally had our sought after homebirth with our son. The love, support and wisdom that exuded from our midwifery team that night is something that will always be remembered.The entire staff at FMC of Guelph is amazing. Every one of them will forever hold a piece of our hearts, and we truly consider them family.

    Angela G

  • Nadine and Sarah were a welcomed addition to our birth story. As a pair, they were so balanced, each with a unique and valuable skill set that put me at ease. This really helped when we had to add an extra chapter at the end with some unexpected recovery time for me. So very caring and knowledgable, I was so thankful to have their support including some additional phone calls and home visits. They continued to go beyond expectations to give the best and most appropriate support. They made me feel really comfortable with my decisions and provided warm words of encouragement and reassurance throughout my pregnancy. Sarah and Nadine and the entire FM team truly make a difference within our community.

    Deborah Lynn H

  • Thanks to Family Midwifery Care of Guelph,and Isabelle, I was able to have the birth experience i wanted (yay vbac)

    Lyndsay L

  • I have been apart of Family Midwifery Care for both of my babies. My midwives walked me through pregnancy and labour with wisdom, compassion and confidence. They empowered me to be the best mom that I could be by giving me information and support as I needed to allow me to make the choices that were best for me. They will always hold a special place in my heart. ...it's hard to sum up some a powerful experiences with just a few words.

    Sarah S

  • The quality of care offered at Family Midwifery Care of Guelph is outstanding. Nadine and Sarah will forever be in my heart. It was amazing to have them be a part of my pregnancy. I will never forget Nadine running through the OR doors to be there for my c-section... You play such a huge part in the lives of so many women! I am struggling to find the words that explain how I feel about you. Thank you is all I can come up with! I still think of you, almost 3 years later... often with tears in my eyes! xo

    Sophie A

  • I was blessed to share the pregnancies, births, and post-partum periods of my four beautiful children with the amazing midwives and administrative team of Family Midwifery Care of Guelph. From a nervous “first-timer” to a “seasoned pro”, I always received excellent care. The knowledge and expertise of the midwives helped me to believe in myself and what my body could do, but their kindness and compassion offered comfort when I needed it most. The midwives were there to support me at the most intimate and precious times in my life, and I cannot imagine my birth stories, or my life, without them.

    Jody S

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Guelph Mercury’s Readers Choice Award Winner!

We are proud to announce that Family Midwifery Care Of Guelph has won the 2015 Guelph Mercury Readers’ Choice Award for Midwife! Thank you to everyone who voted, it has been an honour to work with all of you. You can see the results at

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Homebirth Information Night

Here are the dates for our upcoming homebirth information sessions. Ask your midwife if you have any questions about these events or if you want to come and share your homebirth

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