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Family Midwifery Care provides this collection of client handouts and of links as a resource to you but does not monitor the content of any of these websites and we do not offer them as a replacement to pregnancy care.  We claim no responsibility for the information found on websites other than our own.  Clicking on the following links will take you to another website or will open a document in a new window.  Many of these handouts were prepared by other groups. We have tried to indicate who has prepared each handout. We encourage you to discuss any questions or concerns from the information found below with your midwife or care provider.

Please notify us at  info@familymidwiferycare.ca if any of the following links do not work.

  • Midwifery and Maternity Care

  • Pregnancy

  • Exercise and Healthy Eating in Pregnancy

  • Mental Health in Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • Birth Preparation and Childbirth Classes

  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean -VBAC

  • Birth

  • Breastfeeding

  • Baby

  • After the Birth/Postpartum

  • Community Services

  • Women’s Health

Philosophy of Midwifery Care   (CMO)
Indications for Mandatory Discussions Consultations and Transfers of Care   (CMO)

College of Midwives of Ontario
Association of Ontario Midwives
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada
Canadian Association of Midwives

Midwifery Education Programme McMaster
Midwifery Education Programme Ryerson
Midwifery Education Programme Laurentian
Midwifery International Pre-Registration Programme

Best Start
BC Perinatal Health Project
Childbirth Connection

Due Date Calculator
OMama Website
Folic Acid Pre-Conception and in Pregnancy   (Joint Statement from SOGC and Motherisk)
Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy   (SOGC)
Genetic Screening Information  (Mt Sinai Hospital, Toronto)
HIV Testing is Important for You and Your Baby  (Ontario Early Years)
HIV Testing Handout   (SOGC)
Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labour  (Best Start)
Preterm Birth and Preterm Babies Client Handout   (Family Midwifery Care)
Preterm Labour Information Sheet   (SOGC)
Seasonal Flu Information  (Public Health)
Pertussis Vaccine in Pregnancy (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Pertussis Vaccine Information (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Pregnancy and Dental Health   (Health Link BC)
Group B stretococcus Bacteria in Pregnancy Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care)
Group B Streptococcus Bacteria in Pregnancy–Patient Handout   (SOGC)
Group B Streptococcus Bacteria in Pregnancy–Recommendations from Canadian Task Force for Preventative Health Care (Canadian Medical Association Journal)
Group B Streptococcus Bacteria in Pregnancy–SOGC Clinical Practical Guidelines  (SOGC)
General Information about Cord Blood Collection (SOGC)
High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy  (AOM)

I’m Pregnant, Should I Exercise?   (Healthy Pregnancy BC)
Exercise For the Pregnant Client   (FitPro Network)
Exercise and Pregnancy Helpline Website  (Women’s College Hospital)
Exercise and Pregnancy Information sheet  (Women’s College Hospital –  Helpline)
Exercise and Pregnancy    (SOGC)
Healthy Eating and Weight Gain in Pregnancy  (SOGC)
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby   (Best Start)
Canada Food Guide  (Govenment of Canada)
Eat Right Ontario
Safe Food Handling  (Government of Canada)

Mother Matters Online Support Group (Women’s College Hospital Toronto ON)
Mother Matters Resources for New Moms (Women’s College Hospital Toronto ON)
Depression During Pregnancy Fact sheet  (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
Depression During Pregnancy  (Perinatal Depression) Fact Sheet about Treatment  (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
Symptoms of Depression During Pregnancy  (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
“Things I can do”  Self Care for Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy and After the Baby is Born  (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
Risks of Untreated Depression in Pregnancy (Motherisk)
Coping with Depression During Pregnancy and Following the Brith – A Self Management Guide for Women   (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression (BC Reproductive Mental Health Program)
Postpartum Depression information (Canadian Mental Health Association)
Postpartum Depression (Best Start)
BC Reproductive Mental Health Program
Canadian Mental Health Association

Waterbirth International
Tummies to Toes   (Rebecca Serroul or call 1-888-336-3558)
Hypnobirthing  (Paulina Zettle NP)
Hypnobirthing  (Jody Cummins-Lambert)
Bumps to Babies (Fergus area classes) (Bonnie or call 519-787-4199)
International Cesarean Awareness Network Breech Coalition
Sheila Kitzinger
Ina May Gaskin
Penny Simkin

VBAC Client Handout   (Family Midwifery Care)
Association of Ontario Midwives–VBAC Clinical Guidelines  2011   (AOM)
VBAC decision making tool  (AOM)
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada–VBAC Clinical Guidelines  (SOGC)
Pregnancy and VBAC pamphlet–Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada  (SOGC)
Best Birth Clinic VBAC Patient Information Booklet  (Perinatal Services BC)

Choice of Birthplace Information from the Association of Ontario Midwives
Natural Childbirth   (SOGC)
What to Pack for A Hospital Birth  (Family Midwifery Care)
Supplies for Home Birth  (Family Midwifery Care)
Various Positions for Childbirth  (Adapted from Transition to Parenthood)
Common Assessments During Labour Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care)
Emergencies during Birth Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care)
College of Midwives of Ontario Home Birth Fact Sheet  (CMO)
Ontario Home Birth Study published in Birth
Home Birth Study published in British Medical Journal
CBC Story on Home Birth
Home Birth Study published in  Canadian Medical Association Journal
C-Section Information Sheet (Family Midwifery Care)

Dr Jack Newman
La Leche League
Breastfeeding Chart  (Best Start)
Breastfeeding and Alcohol   (Best Start/Motherisk)
Breastfeeding, More Than Loving Contact  (the Centres of Excellence for Children’s Well-Being)

Canadian Pediatric Society
Your New Baby (Family Midwifery Care)
Vitamin K Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care)
Erythromycin Eye Ointment Prophylaxis Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care)
Circumcision Client Handout  (Family Midwifery Care of Guelph)
Eye Ointment Prophylaxis Statement from the College of Midwives of Ontario  (CMO)
Ontario Newborn Screening Program  (Government of Ontario)
Ontario Vaccine (Immunization) Schedule  (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Crying, Listen They Are Talking to You  (the Centres of Excellence for Children’s Well-Being)
Baby Name Wizard
Early Years Centre
Can Your Baby Hear?
Ask Dr Sears
Child and Youth Health Information
Register Your newborn (Service Ontario -Birth Registration)
Early Years Centre
Guelph Communiy Health Center
Car Seat Safety (The Co-operators – YouTube Videos)

For the New Mom (Family Midwifery Care)
Postpartum Depression  (Best Start)
Postpartum Depression information  (Canadian Mental Health Association)
Information on Postpartum Depression  (Best Start)
Note to Visitors of a New Mom/Baby from the Midwives  (Family Midwifery Care)
Perinatal Bereavement services Ontario
Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

Guelph General Hospital
Groves Memorial Community Hospital
Life Labs
Canadian Medical Laboratories
Public Health
Early Years Centre
Guelph Communiy Health Center
Women in Crisis

Women’s Health Matters
Canadian Women’s Health Network
Our Body Ourselves Health Resource Centre
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation–Be Breast Aware
PAP Test Information Sheet   (SOGC)